Compound Prepositions

YDS Compound Prepositions

Compound Prepositions konusu ileri düzey İngilizce çalışmalarında mutlaka
bilinmesi gereken konular arasındadır. YDS (İngilizce) ve diğer ileri düzey
sınavlarda öğrencilerin karşılaşabileceği Compound Prepositions’ı bir liste
halinde hazırladık. YDS İngilizce İnteraktif Compound Prepositions testi ile
konunun anlaşılmasının çok daha kolay ve eğlenceli olacağını düşünüyoruz.


(keep) abreast of : ayak uydurmak

You will be required to keep abreast of changes
I can’t keep abreast of his movements

according to : e göre

According to him many physicians could only write recipes,
but they could not heal anybody

ahead of : ilerisinde, önünde

Einstein was ahead of his time

along with: ile birlikte

It is necessary to look at other risk factors along with cholesterol

alongside of :yanında

I ran alongside of her

apart from: dışında, başka

Nothing especially distinctive about them,apart from the oldest

aside from: dışında, den başka

Aside from the four parties of the coalition, three other parties participated in the elections

as compared with (to) : karşılaştırıldığında

Infants use a much larger percentage of their daily energy for growth as compared with older children

as opposed to: aksine

It emphasizes feeling as opposed to thinking

as far as: kadarıyla

As far as I remember I never stole again

as far back as : kadar geriye

I’m going back through his ancestry as far back as Adam

as for : e gelince

As for global warming, we should not forget the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

as to: konusunda

I was uncertain as to the correct fork or spoon to use

at the cost of: pahasına

The monument was erected at the cost of 3000£

at the hands of: ellerinde

Many of us are reincarnated American Indians who died at the hands of the white man and his technology

at the instance of : ‘nın ısrarıyla, ‘in talebi üzerine

I wrote it at the instance of my friend

at the point of : üzere

I was at the point of exhaustion

at the time of : zamanında

Native Americans at the time of the explorers

because of : yüzünden, dolayı

He canceled the parade because of heavy rain

by force of: zoruyla

This may be accomplished by force of law

by help of : yardımı ile

Each stands only by help of the other

by means of : vasıtasıyla

Italy announced the establishment of ecological zones by means of law

by reason of : nedeniyle

by reason of his wealth

by virtue of : sayesinde, dolayı

By virtue of knowledge, training, and experience, neuropsychologists are ideally suited
to work with patients in this context

by way of: yoluyla

Some writers suggested that the Tasmanians entered by way of northern Australia
and were pushed southwards by a later migration of another group of people

care of: eliyle

You can write me care of my father

concurrently with: eş zamanlı

A considerable number of secondary school pupils work concurrently with
their school studies

contrary to: aksine, tersine

Contrary to expectations, however, older individuals are more likely
than younger individuals to support democracy

due to : dolayı, yüzünden

We could not see far due to heavy rain

except for : dışında, hariç

Except for spinach salads, he states that he loves all vegetables

for fear of: korkusuyla

Anorexics reduce their intake of food to a minimum for fear of putting on weight

for the benefit of : yararına

Nowadays many interesting events have been created and developed for the benefit of human being

for lack of : eksikliği yüzünden

For lack of a shoe a horse was lost. For lack of a horse a soldier was lost.
For lack of a soldier the battle was lost.

for the purpose of : amacıyla

The law exists for the purpose of restraint

for the sake of : uğruna, aşkına

They will have to sacrifice a lot for the foreseeable future for the sake of their child

from above : yukardan

Seen from above, the world is very small

from among : arasından

She chose “favorites” from among the many men who attended her

from behind : arkasından

A woman came walking from behind the house

from beneath : altından

She took a well-made little yellow basket from beneath table that the platter of fruits and cakes sat upon

from between : arasından

Three men emerged from between two of the trucks as the Jeep approached

from over : üzerinden

A brilliant light came from over his shoulder, brightly reflecting off the snow-covered ground

from under : altından

He came out from under the bridge

in accordance with: uyarınca, e uygun olarak

The information in part A of the form has been completed in accordance with instructions

in advance of: öncesinde

This activity focuses on wall passing with the player in advance of the ball

in agreement with : uyum içinde

This is in agreement with the findings of other investigators

in addition to : ilaveten, ek olarak

In addition to bad weather, natural disasters such as fires, hurricanes can
destroy the productive capacity of all firms in a region

in behalf of : adına

They were acting in behalf of the faculty

in between : arasında

The long-term goal is to eat three healthy, reasonable meals each day with nothing in between

in care of : eliyle

He had left a letter for me in care of Mr. Anthony

in case of : halinde

New Yorkers even experienced air raid drills, with “in case of emergency” signs popping up everywhere

in close connection with : ile yakın ilişki içinde

The human-factors discipline involves analysis, development, and design of work in
close connection with engineering and domain expertise

in common with : ortak olarak

He will be a tenant in common with Abbott and Aldrich

in comparison to (with) : kıyasla

In comparison to men and to younger women, older women showed less self-esteem and
sense of coherence and reported substantially less subjective well-being

in compliance with: uygun şekilde

The mill was not in compliance with all water quality standards in December 1994

in connection with : bağlantılı olarak

The Contractor shall comply with the terms of any policy issued in connection with the contract

in consequence of : sonucu olarak

Such cold climate historically interfered with land reclamation but in consequence of global warming more land has been reclaimed in the Northeast since the mid-1900s

in consideration of : göz önünde bulundurarak

They turned back in consideration of the worsening weather

in contrast to (with) : kıyasla, aksine

Provisional estimates indicate a marginal contraction in agriculture by 1%
in 2009 for Trinidad and Tobago, in contrast to growth of 10.7% in 2008

in deference to : gözönünde bulundurarak

For the last three years it has lowered the recommended family
contribution to college costs in deference to inflation

in exchange for: karşılık olarak

Both foreign currency and travellers’ cheques are accepted, in exchange for euro or Turkish lira

in face of : karşısında

I know myself to be very steady in face of danger

in front of : önünde

Then I saw a big pile of dirt residing on the road in front of my car driveway

in lieu of : yerine

The euro was not widely adopted even as America contracted; rather, investors opted
for dollar-denominated assets in lieu of euro-denominated ones.

in opposition to : karşı, muhalif

He wrote in opposition to the project

in place of : yerine

He reigned in place of him

in preference to : e tercihen

The term layer silicates is used in preference to clay minerals

in regard to : ile ilgili olarak

Another word in regard to modern art is that it is unusual in appearance

in relation to: ile ilgili olarak, ilişkili

A paradigm of preservation theory and practice in relation to modern art
is presently being formulated by the conservation community worldwide

in respect to: açısından, bakımından

It must necessarily differ from them in respect to its essence

in search of : arayışı içinde

He entered the kitchen in search of a cup of coffee

in spite of : rağmen

In spite of inflation, the disposable income of all occupational groups, including
industrial workers, has steadily risen during the past sixty-five years.

in terms of : açısından

The analysis is generally conducted in terms of advanced, industrialized economies

in the course of : esnasında

In the course of summer, soil temperature was monitored at two depths, 7 and 15 cm

in the event of : durumunda

In the event of car accident, it facilitates judgment on arguing liability for the accident
independently of : bağımsız olarak

These options precluded living independently of her family

inside of : içinde

He said he would guarantee to teach her the code inside of a month

instead of : yerine

I was quite puzzled as to why we were getting burgers instead of ice-cream

on account of : dolayı, yüzünden

We delayed our departure on account of bad weather

on behalf of : adına

If it is possible I would like to make an opening statement on behalf of my colleagues

on the part of : adına,  in tarafından

This case also illustrates a common error on the part of authorities,
which compounds the loss of confidence

on the point of :- mek üzere

I was on the point of making myself ridiculous

on top of : üstünde

Put cherries on top of ice cream

out of

out of order:
out of stock
out of range
out of date
out of the blue
out of control
out of reach
out of service
out of mind
out of fashion

outside of: dışında

There are as many good houses outside of the city as inside

owing to : nedeniyle

Early in the course of pregnancy, cardiac output (CO) increases
because stroke volume (SV) increases owing to an increase in blood volume

previous to : den önce

Shantung is celebrated in Chinese history, and was the scene of many
remarkable events previous to 2000 B.C

regardless of : bakmadan, gözetilmeksizin

How to love people regardless of race creed or color

relating to : ile ilgili, dair

Yet women are much more likely than men to appear in photographs,
especially in stories relating to crime, violence or disaster.

relative to : ait, ilişkin

This chapter begins by reviewing some of the most pertinent organizational change
research that has occurred relative to sport management over the last two decades

round about(around about) : yaklaşık olarak, civarında

“Round about noon,” he said.

short of : dışında, haricinde

Dad and Mom had tried everything short of playing basketball

under cover of : yararlanarak

Five thousand Japanese were evacuated from Kiska, successfully escaping
under cover of fog without a single casualty

with (in) regard to : ile ilgili olarak

Are you taking responsibility with regard to your finances ?

with a view to : amacıyla

After his long wandering with a view to learning this or that skill, he had obtained a driver’s license

with reference to: atıfla

With reference to your letter of January 9

with respect to: ilgili olarak, göre

Nodes representing wheels can rotate around their axes and are constrained
to be parallel with respect to the car body orientation.

with the exception of: hariç

Generally speaking, and with the exception of vitamin B12, water-soluble
vitamins are not stored in the body

with the intention of: niyetiyle

No one goes out with the intention of buying a can or a bottle

within reach of: erişilebilir

Books are now placed within reach of all

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