İngilizce eş anlamlı kelimeler



YDS-LYS İngilizce Eş Anlamlı Kelimeler

Bir dilde yetkin olmanın yolllarından birisi de, o dildeki kelime hazinemizin zenginliğinden geçmektedir. Bu zenginliğe katkıda bulunmak için İngilizce ders kitabımızda (yani sitemizde) sizler için İngilizce eş anlamlı (synonyms) kelimeleri  hazırladık.












admit confess
agree consent
alike same
accord agreement
ask demand
about approximately
anger exasperate
abstract summary
to accomplish to achieve
to accumulate to build up
to administer to manage
to admit to confess
appreciable considerable
ardour passion
almost nearly
amazing fabulous
away absent
animated lively
to annoy to bother, to irritate
to answer to reply
anyway besides
apparent obvious
awful dreadful
to appear to seem
applicable relevant
arise occur
aromatic fragrant
to arrive to reach
artful crafty
association organization
to assure to guarantee
attractive appealing
angry furious


beautiful gorgeous
bright gleaming
backbone spine
backside behind, bottom
bad poor, immoral
ballot poll
to beat to defeat
becoming fitting
to begin to start, to commence
to behave to act
believable plausible
belly stomach
bendy flexible
beneficiant generous
beneficial favourable
bid tender
big immense
bizarre weird
blameless innocent
bloodbath massacre
bloodless cold
branch department
brave fearless, courageous
brow forehead
bucket pail
business commerce, trade
busy engaged
break fracture
becoming fitting
beg implore



calamity disaster
calm tranquil
candy sweet
to categorize to classify
charter constitution
cheesy corny, tacky
chiefly mainly
choosy picky
to chop to cut
chorus refrain
citation quotation
to cite to quote
class lesson, course
clerk receptionist
clever intelligent
considerate  thoughtful
to close to shut
coiffure hairstyle
to collapse to break down
to collect to gather
comfort consolation
comic comedian
cool frosty
commencement graduation
complete total
completely totally
concord harmony
to condemn to sentence
confederate accomplice
to confine to restrict
conflict clash
to conform to comply
to confuse to mix up
to connect to associate, to put through
cunning  clever
constancy fidelity
constant fixed
constitution structure
construction interpretation
to consult to refer to
contemporary modern
continuous continual
contrary opposite
convention conference
to convey to communicate
to cope to manage
correct right
couch sofa
to cry to yell
crook criminal
crusade campaign
cube dice
curative healing
curler roller
cussed stubborn
crooked curved
cut gash

deference respect
dash sprint
daybreak dawn
delectable delicious
deceptive misleading
decontrol deregulate
dedicated committed
to deduce to infer
defective faulty
deity divinity
deliberate planned
deliberately intentionally
demagogue agitator
delicate fragile
to demostrate to protest
to denationalize to privatize
divulge  disclose
denims jeans
delete erase
to denote to indicate, to represent
to deprave to corrupt
depraved wicked
to desert to abandon
deluge downpour
deplete exhaust
deserted abandoned
destiny fate
detached indifferent
devil satan
dicy risky
to differentiate to distinguish
to diminish to decrease
disadvantaged deprived
disagreeable unpleasant
to disappear to vanish
disaster catastrophe
diverse multifarious
dossier file
dubious doubtful
to disclaim to deny
to disclose to reveal
discount reduction
deplore grieve
disgrace shame
domesticate cultivate
demenor behavior
demure sedate
dull stupid
delinquent offender



End terminate
explicit definite
eager keen
Enjoy appreciate
earth soil
economic profitable
enthralling fascinating
egocentric selfish
elevate  raise
emphasise  stress
encounter  come across
exhaust deplete
enormous huge
enquire  investigate
eccentric abnormal
equity fairness
especially particularly
eminent distinguished
exhilarated cheerful
essential fundamental
establish  set up
evaluate   assess
encourage foster
everlasting eternal
estimate guess
endure last
elaborate embellish
exactly precisely
except apart from
emanate arise
expire run out
evaluate  appraise
explode  blow up
extra   additional
explain  elaborate
embezzle   purloin
essential   cultured

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