To ve For



To ve For Arasında Ne Fark Var ?



Tablodaki belirtilen kullanımlar için “To”

Gidilecek Yer He is going to Ankara
Saat Five minutes to nine
Kıyaslama I prefer walking to driving
İşaret edilen kişi I have sent the parcel to Nazlı
Sebep I decided to go out for a walk
İlişki she is married to Mert
Sınır noktası the snow was piled up to the windows

Tablodaki belirtilen kullanımlar için “For”

Fayda Milk is good for infants
Zaman süreci I have worked there for 5 years
Zaman planı He set up a meeting for june 2
Taraftar olma Are you for the death penalty?
Yardım Could you close the window for me?
Sebep let’s go out for a dinner!
Fonksiyon It is used for serving dessert
Kullanım This room is for ladies


To ve For Örnek Cümleler

They are heading to the entrance of the building.
The list was mailed to Ms Ozden yesterday.
Please send them back to me.
His answer to your question was in this envelop.
He works eight to six, Monday to Saturday.
It is now 5 to six.
This place is for old people.
She baked a cake for my birthday.
Berk put a note on his door for privacy.
Naz studied hard for the final exam.
Are You For Trump ?
Are you for or against this?
It is used for gaskets
This seat is for the mayor
This seat is for pregnant women
It is used for boxes,furniture, plywood, paneling
It is used for some household hot water pipes
It is used for cooking and for flavoring
I have decided to become a genius
I have decided to discuss my career problems
I have decided to call Dr.Berk







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